Groundbreaking at Daimler Proving Grounds

March 21, 2016 at 10:00 am, marked the date and time for the long anticipated Daimler Trucks North America Test Track Project ground breaking. Daimler Administration, Dignitaries, Elected Officials and members of Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company were in attendance. KNCC President Jeff Deswert participated in the “ceremonial” first shovel of dirt with the Daimler Administration and City of Madras, Oregon Officials.

Kirby Nagelhout Construction began discussions with Daimler in August, of 2015 and we are nearing permitting and the construction phase for the estimated $18 million dollar test track and building facility which will be located on City of Madras, Oregon property at the Madras Municipal Airport.

The project is scheduled for completion in summer of 2017.Daimler Ground Breaking_2 Daimler Ground Breaking_1