Project Description

Part of a prototypical building series, the main objective for building Atfalati Ridge Elementary School was to accommodate the exponentially growing district. The 75,000 sf school consists of a steel and concrete structure built with all the latest technology and amenities, including modern, glass study pods in the hallways, open learning environments, and nearly endless natural light. Site work included off-site street improvements, a new turf sports facility and covered play area, and a large parking area in the middle of the new development.

The North Plains community overwhelmingly voted to name the school after the area’s native Atfalati tribe. Murals and quotes from the  indigenous community are incorporated throughout the school to provide connection between the school and the land’s history. The building is also rated as category IV seismic with electrical functions tied to back-up power, allowing the school to serve as a shelter for the immediate community in the event of an emergency.

Owner:Hillsboro School District
Architect:DLR Group
Completion Date:July 2021
Contract Type:Prequalified Hard Bid