Project Description

A multi-story, 33,000 sf structural steel and cast in place concrete ski lodge, built at 7,500 feet above sea level on Mount Bachelor. The project had to be fast-tracked because there was only a four-month window in which the site was accessible due to snow accumulation. During the final month of construction, all materials and workers had to be transported to the site by sno-cat, with the project being completed on time and within budget for the opening day of ski season. This project gained national recognition the following year when it was given the Award of Excellence in Concrete Construction from World of Concrete magazine for the degree of difficulty presented by the project conditions, and the level of quality achieved.

KNCC and Mt. Bachelor have a long history, going back to our first job as a company. We have done all the construction work at the resort since 1986, and consider them to be one of our most valued clients. As we have worked on projects on the mountain, we have encountered every imaginable adverse weather condition, had to schedule projects to compress construction activities into available weather windows, and find innovative methods for working when the weather was not cooperating! The experience we have gained on these projects is an asset to our other clients… when we claim that we can deliver a project under tough conditions, its not just talk. We’ve been to the top of the mountain!

Owner:Mount Bachelor Inc.
Architect:Vernon Sexton
Completion Date:November 1988
Contract Type:Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)