Bowery Lane Bridge Dedication

The Bowery Lane covered bridge (also known as the Rock O’ the Range Bridge) located just north of Bend Oregon is scheduled to have a dedication ceremony on September 10, 2015 at 6pm.

The dedication is in celebration of the reconstruction of the bridge after it was badly damaged in April of this year, by a vehicle that was in excess of the maximum height for the bridge.

The dedication is being held by members of the Rock O’ the Range community, in appreciation to Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company (KNCC) for reconstructing the bridge and making it passable once again. The covered bridge is recognized by the Covered Bridge Society of Oregon and is said to be the only covered bridge east of the Cascade Mountain Range. KNCC founder Kirby Nagelhout lived in the area and traveled over the bridge on a daily basis before his passing in 2011.

Kirby Nagelhout’s son Tyler, and other members of KNCC donated their time and equipment to restore the bridge. Materials for the restoration were donated by Miller Lumber Company of Bend.

Rock O’ the Range home owners secretary Toby Bayard said “Kirby was a helpful, kind neighbor, generous, down-to-earth, friendly and community oriented.” This compassion and community involvement continues to this day with the members of KNCC.